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Miriam M

Ventura, CA


Foothill Technology Highschool

Graduated in 2017


I'm great with kids, besides tutoring every Wednesday afterschool at E.P. Foster Elementary, I find them very easy to understand. I am also good at dealing with technology and how it works like that of cellphones, computers, printers, televisions, radios etc. Also, I can sit at a desk doing paperwork or on a computer for long periods of time. I am a very quick visual learner which helps me get used to sudden changes from anything and everything around me. I am also fluent in both English and Spanish.


I love helping the community in all ways possible which is my reason for volunteering at organizations that are willing to make the City of Ventura a better place. Whether that includes volunteering as a tutor to help elementary kids from (ages 5-12) on their homework, or signing up to clean up the beaches whenever the opportunity is open and available, or even giving a whole days worth of dedication to the 150th/Corporate Games Opening celebration, or offering my helping hands at the Casa Pacifica Wine Festival in which takes place every year in June at CSUCI, I'll do it all. I also have a big interest in art, all types, as I'm one with an open heart and mind.

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