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Naika B

Roselle, NJ



Currently completing

Abraham Clark High School

Graduated in 2014


Grace Wilday Junior High School



I am bilingual, my to main languages being English and Creole
I posses active listening skills
I'm a fast learner
I have great memorization skills
I am a naturally confident, optimistic, and charismatic person
I am a very determined individual, and once I have a task I give it my absolute best
I'm a social butterfly with extremely malleable conversation sills
I easily adapt to any and everything!
I don't crack under pressure, and when I do I don't allow it affect others!
I think fast on my feet
I have neverending energy


I like anything that's interactive. I'm a social butterfly so I love being able to speak to others, I also love children. As long as I can be of service to others I am content with my position. So, if it came down to it, I'd like a job as either a waitress, or a job in retail.

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