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Josselyn T

Omaha, NE


Omaha North High School

Graduated in 2019


I am really good at keeping a positive attitude towards others. I also have gained experience working with strangers and finding research through this program I did my freshman year called Making Invisible Histories Visible. I am fluent in Spanish and taking French classes. I am able to balance things exceptionally well, I am an honors student so I am very good at keeping organized and being aware of what needs to get done.


I am really passionate about music. I am in my school's highest choir. I really enjoy my music taste and pride myself in how diverse it is. I am particularly a fan of more obscure music with poetic lyrics. I also really enjoy poetry. I love to watch spoken word videos and love when Louder Than A Bomb season comes around. I participate in French Club at school. I love reading, especially realistic fiction. My favorite author is Ellen Hopkins. I am also really passionate about making sure everyone feels happy and gets treated like the deserve. I like to advocate for things like LGBT+ rights, equality for all races, and especially mental health awareness.

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