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Kamilah F

Saginaw, MI


Volunteer Work @ Arthur Hill High School

I currently have not held a job before, although I have volunteer experience. I have volunteered with my National Honor Society club members at various locations performing various tasks. For instance, I helped volunteer at a local rescue mission. I also helped to tidy up a park with a program called Spring Into Service. In addition, I help to tidy up my school garden and make it look presentable.



Currently completing

Arthur Hill High School

Graduated in 2012


I possess leadership skills as I am chosen for multiple opportunities that allow me to lead. My typing speed is slightly above average with 50 wpm. I am great at communicating both verbally and through writing.


I have a zeal for helping people. I love to brighten someone's day and as a result, I am always smiling. Trying new things and undergoing new experiences is what motivates me to keep persevering. I believe that making people feel good is far more important in life than just collecting a salary. I would describe myself as unconventional because in majority of cases, I do not tend to follow the crowd. I am never afraid to be myself because in the end I want someone to love me for my personality and who I truly am, rather than for who I am not. I would love to be hired for a company that cares about their employees. A company that allows me to be myself and grow from would be ideal.

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