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Gabrielle L

Murrieta, CA


Paloma Valley High School

Graduated in 2019


I have excellent communication skills that I have gained through being the events manager of my school's Polynesian dance club. I am currently learning Spanish and I plan to become proficient in the language by the end of my senior year. I have already learned basic programming skills by creating animations with a computer program called "Alice". I plan to take more computer based classes as I go on with high school. I love working with other people, I fee that the best way to conquer a project is to evenly divide the work and work as a team.


I am truly passionate about dancing. I am currently in my school's Polynesian dance club. I am also the club's events manager, which means that I make sure that everything is in line when we do performances which include having a photographer and a videographer for every performance and I also have to make sure that every performer is ready with all of their costume pieces that I have provided to them. Prior to joining the club, I took Hip-Hop dance classes for a year.

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