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Elka M

Newark, NJ


Face painter/ Balloon twister

Sparkle Entertainment

Paint kids faces and make balloons for the little kids to enjoy and show off.


Arts High School

Graduated in 2017


•Languages: Speak fluent in Spanish and English.
•Computer Skills: Very skilled user of Microsoft Office and Adobe Illustrator.
•Leadership Skills: Leadership skills gained throughout experiences in school and volunteering.
•Adaptability Skills: Cooperates with hours on daily basis for church classes, babysitting, school work/ events and with special education children.
•Interpersonal skills: Maintain relationship building skills through involvement on becoming student leader.
•Leadership Skills: Fast to take on the role of leader when necessary, but only when it's needed or requested.
•Adaptability Skills: Quick learner and eager to balance out time for a job with school and other events.
•Listening Skills: Listens closely and follows directions when given.


•Charity: Joined as a teacher aid for Church Communion Classes on Saturdays and attend Church Confirmation Classes on Mondays.
•Travel: Have visited 5 different states which are New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.
•Cookery/ Bakery: Cook and bake at home on a daily basis.
•Arts: Currently take graphic arts at my school and took fine arts the previous two years.
•Babysitting: Babysits babies from time to time.

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