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Ayanos T

Shelby, NC



Shelby High School

I was to light the stage, set the correct color filters, and follow the actors as the performed their play scenes.


White Horse Mounted Patrol

My role at this facility was to go early in the morning and tend to the horses. I was to release them from their stables and into the field. While they were outside I took on the responsibility of cleaning out their stalls, putting in fresh new hay, given them sugar cubes, and putting apple slices in their dishes. I would leave until evening, and return to let them in and sleep for the night. Occasionally, I would wash the hoses, ride them, and get them ready for shows or parades.


Shelby High School

Graduated in 2018




I am a very creative person, and I love to draw and do graphic design.
I can create dances, and put them together for an audience.
I am certified by NCCER for construction purposes, meaning I can build and put together projects.
I know how to work a sound board and lighting equipment for a theater and auditorium.


I like to do technical theater.
I like to help and mentor younger children.
I love to dance, and also create music and playlists.
I love working with animals, and helping to train them.

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