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Santa Maria, CA



Currently completing

Pioneer Valley High School

Graduated in 2010


Santa Maria High School



great hand skills and quick learner, Flexible, reliable, dependable, hard worker, Motivated self starter with a strong desire to learn. I can multitask. Good learner and I\'m always ready to learn new things, no matter how hard it is I will try my very best to learn a certain task and I will not give up until I accomplish it. I\'m also a responsible person towards my duties and you can rely on me and trust me.


Hi, My name is Nerissa Agustin. I am 17 years old and I\'m from Santa Maria California. I go to school at Santa Maria High School .I\'m a very organized and I\'m a hardworking person. I\'m not afraid to try new things and I always try my best at everything I do. Nothing will stop me from reaching my goals in life.I want to become a nurse someday because that\'s all I ever wanted to be ever since I was little girl. I also like to dance and listening to music. It\'s my hobby because it makes me feel relax and good about myself. Last but not the least I like to play basketball because it\'s my favorite sport. It\'s not just a game for me, it\'s a passion. It\'s a getaway for me whenever I feel stressed, mad , or just in a bad mood I go out and play. I love the look on everyone\'s face when hey realize they just lost to a little asian girl. You can create your own moves that no one has used before. It\'s invigorating to play especially at night when it\'s dark and quiet and it\'s cool like you\'re all alone and forget about everything . It\'s just all about me the hoop and ball. I feel really pumped up and excited when there\'s people watching me play and it\'s incredible when the game gets very intense. I love basketball because of the thrills, the cool feeling of being nervous before a big game and the feeling of winning, I hate losing because it makes me love the game even more because I wanna work even harder so the chances of losing would go down.

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