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Adam G

Edwardsville, IL


Volunteer A/V Technician @ His Village

I worked as a volunteer every Sunday at my old church in Virginia. My job was to run the A/V needs, whether it be worship lyrics, PowerPoint presentations, live streams, or audio mixing.

Electrical Engineer/Programmer @ Edwardsville Technologies

I am a member at my local robotics team. Each year we compete in the FRC competition, and I take part in the building of each robot. My usual tasks are to wire the electronics and write the code that the robot runs, but I also help manufacture the physical structures.



Currently completing

Metro-East Lutheran High School

Graduated in 2014


I am partially bilingual - I am learning how to speak Spanish and it is spoken in my house often.
I have knowledge in building computers and computer networks.
I am fluent in Java and Python and can easily write programs in those languages.


I am an avid gamer, but in my spare time I do a lot of programming as well. I own a Raspberry Pi and an Arduino, and I like to play around and see what kinds of circuits or programs I can make with them. I also write plugins for game servers (part of the reason why I'm into gaming). Building computers is another interest of mine; I've disassembled my computer several times so I could clean the dust out of it.

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