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Joseph L

Syracuse, NY



Syracuse Parking Services

Directed traffic, handled parking tickets/money, filled in for attendants when needed, etc. during fair time.

Support Staff

Camp Yawgoog

These are the members of the Camp Yawgoog who work behind the scenes like the kitchen crew preparing 3 wholesome meals a day, reservation services that see to Troop’s needs, trading post staff who supplies your extra nutritional content each day and office staff that help to make everything come together.


Cicero North Syracuse High School

Graduated in 2018


- Proficient in Microsoft Word / Excel, strong knowledge of computers and software in general.

- Strong leadership and adaptability gained through the scouting program.

- Excellent communication skills gained through interaction with customers


- Member of the National Business Honor Society and the Boy Scouts of America
- I enjoy hiking and camping.
- Strong passion for the business field

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